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1.  Are all of your products custom made?
  Yes. We don’t carry any products in stock – those type of ones can be boring. We will custom make the product to suit your needs. The size you want, the design and logo that you want.
2. How many pieces do I have to buy?
  It depends on the product line, but usually as low as 25 pieces. For some products, like belt buckles, it can be as low as 10 pieces.
3. Can I raise a good amount of money with these products?
  Absolutely. Depending on which product you order and your selling price, you can realistically expect profits of 2 to 6 times your initial investment – maybe a range of $1,400 to $6,000+ in profit on quantities of only 100 to 500 of popular items like belt buckles or holiday ornaments. With real potential to exceed $10,000 to $15,000 if you have the sales volumes.

Even at relatively conservative retail prices and modest sales volumes – there’s lots of fundraising dollars to be made with these custom products. And you can create a new item or design every year!
4. How long does the process take to get custom made products?
  Typically about 2 to 3 weeks after you approve the artwork.
5. How is the artwork done? What happens if I can’t draw?
  Not a problem at all. We have a staff of artists that we use who have created thousands of designs for other people. Just write out a description you would like, tell it to us over the phone, or even send us a sketch if you want. Chicken scratch is fine :)

You may actually find a design on our website that is close to what you had in mind; just let us know the design number and how you would like it changed. Piece of cake for us to make the changes for you.

Depending on the quantity ordered and the amount of changes required a small artwork charge may be applied. Typically it might be up to $25. For such a small additional fee, it is best to get a great design that you are happy with.

Note: Custom fund raising items are a perfect opportunity to offer an in-house ‘design contest’ – where we use the winning design as our template to create the final art and production of your order. It’s known to create a lot of excitement and goodwill for all participants. Just another way to enhance an already unique and enjoyable design experience.
6. Are there set prices that I should charge people when they buy these products?
  No – that is entirely up to you. You can set whatever price you wish depending on your fundraising circumstances. Our website does show some sample dollar values to give you some ideas, but setting the price is your call.
7. Where are the products made?
  Our main supplier has 2 factories – California and Canada, and we’d be very happy to assist you in promoting these domestically made products. If you wish, we can add “Made in USA” (or Made in Canada) to the back of all the pieces – for free. Your fund raising customer will likely be very appreciative of your commitment to keeping your purchases at home.

Products will be shipped from either factory, with no customs or brokerage headaches; with nominal shipping charges as well.
Tell Us About Your Project, and Get a Price Sample Custom Fundraising projects Design Ideas and Clipart Custom Fundraising Tips and Tools

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